Unlocking the Diaphragm and Solar Plexus

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Release of the Diaphragm, Solar Plexus and Voice.

To find his breath, his voice and his second regenerative breath.

My personal and unique breathing method of unlocking the diaphragm and Voice is not Osteopathy or a new method of Abdominal Breathing even if in some aspects there may be convergence of ideas or points of view.

It is good practice today to ask all people who are stressed or have received psychological shock, as well as those who have a feeling of choking or difficulty breathing after a spasmic diaphragm or those who feel like they have a knotted throat when medical examinations show nothing, to practice abdominal breathing. But how can they do it with a completely tight or knotted belly?

All these exercises only work on people in great shape but not on people in a state of inhibition or intensive contractions. It’s like asking a one-legged man to run a cross-country race. Despite all his efforts, he is unable to do so.

Similarly, an artist, politician, singer or lecturer is condemned to operate under regime whatever the abdominal or vocal breathing exercises of the larynx practiced daily without a complete release before the respiratory movement by the return to harmony of the Breath and the Voice.

It can also be seen that all victims of moral or sexual harassment, as well as rape, trigger a defensive reaction with the consequences of contractions of the stomach and diaphragm with respiratory oppression that can persist for several years.

In the same way, some women, despite all medical treatments (in vitro fertilization or IVF, micro-injection or ICSI), cannot get pregnant because their fears twist their bellies like a mop, compressing the entire genital system and thus removing all possibilities for them to have a child. This torsion, like a tourniquet, compresses the ovaries and prevents them from functioning normally (innervation and blood circulation in slow motion due to the crushing of the tissues).

Breathing and Energy Source for the athlete.

Sports Performance requires the complete liberation of breathing and breath, which is only possible with a completely free diaphragm in all its amplitude and movements.

The release of the Diaphragm allows the athlete to improve his performance and achieve much better sports records by winning Breath and Oxygen.

Bernard Tisné

Chest compression and decompression: the Awakening of Breath and Voice.

The common characteristic of all people under stress or in shock is the slowing of their vital functions and biological rhythms with a feeling of choking or a feeling of lack of air as a result of a blocked diaphragm. They’re out of breath.

Relaxing this diaphragm and chest compression by forcing a breathing rhythm through abdominal or other breathing is impossible.

Calming the body of a person who is anxious or stressed by any relaxation technique or abdominal breathing exercises is impracticable because this body is already in a state of slow-motion or in a state of stop and inhibition at best because Stress blocks all the body’s functions to mobilize those necessary for attack or escape. It is vital for him.

Asking someone who is stressed or in a state of shock to relax is absurd because they are already in a slower rhythm than their normal rhythm and resist out of survival instinct. It is the opposite that must be done by helping this body to revive itself and regain its former rhythm.

Unlocking of the Larynx, Diaphragm and compression of the Thoracic Cage by the return to Breath.

After many years of research, I realized that it was possible to give a person a second breath of energy by simply working on their own breathing rhythm and forgetting all the methods of abdominal breathing or the techniques of Osteopathy, Fasciatherapies or others, such as a painter or sculptor who gradually strip their art. In reality, there are no techniques. It is just necessary to follow and restart this respiratory movement by giving it a new impetus.

This exclusive method is different from other methods, such as Osteopathy, Fasciatherapy, Yoga, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Sophrology, the Montserrat Gascon Pericardium Release Method, Heart Coherence or the Gesret Method on asthma attack.

It has no connection with Korean manual vibration methods, Sacred Cranio Therapy, Sutherland Primary Respiratory Movement (PRM), Biodynamic Osteopathy, Abdominal Breathing Techniques, Chi Nei Tsang, Rebirth, etc

It is also not an Energy Therapy, a method of Personal Development or Coaching on Self Improvement, etc….

It is particularly effective on people who have difficulty breathing or on those whose voice is affected by stress (singers, musicians, politicians, speakers, etc…).

The greatest power is to use the regenerative power of the other.

By unblocking this breathing rhythm, which works in slow motion or in jerks because it is hindered and pressurized by the tensions and anxieties of life, we can succeed in restarting all the body’s systems (respiratory, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic, etc.). This method has been tested on many people with surprising results, especially on the gene created by asthma attacks, or tight throat sensations.

My breathing method consists in sending vibratory waves following the patient’s breathing “at the right moment”, between the Inspire and Expire on the Diaphragm and Pericardium to create a Regenerative Respiratory Movement that will unblock the breath and stomach.

Moreover, but this is not the intended purpose, my method will indirectly create chest compression and decompression by performing a kind of cardiac massage by increasing the blood pump function of the heart by ejecting part of the blood through the aorta to the vital organs and thus stimulating all the body’s recovery and regeneration functions.

Anxiety creates a blockage like a heart attack and energy is blocked instead of flowing and rather than going back to the source of an emotion, it is better to try to evacuate it.

The therapist just restores movement.

The purpose of this wave and vibratory technique is the Muscular and Nervous Relaxation of the Diaphragm and the Solar Plexus in a single gesture, a single technique, by acting on the primary contraction at the Source of Energy (emotional heart, diaphragm and pericardium). Nervous and muscular relaxation is instantaneous and the oppressive straitjacket is broken all at once.

Of all the techniques I have studied during my travels around the world for the release of nervous tension and stress management, this technique is one of the most effective on nervous fatigue and its consequences. Oppression and compression of the rib cage and throat with its effects on the voice and on the blockage of the Diaphragm and the abdomen.

This method of breathing movement restores natural abdominal and chest breathing by restoring movement to the Diaphragm without imposing constraining exercises on patients.

What’s the point of taking care of muscles and nerves if you forget about Breathing?

Our health or well-being depends on our ability to let ourselves be drawn into this breathing movement. The slightest disruption of this rhythm and the whole body is out of control. Any desire for control leads to a contraction, which is a form of defence.

No osteopathic techniques or methods on abdominal breathing go that far. Whatever these techniques, however perfect they may be, they are only techniques and remain on the periphery. A technique or method addresses a particular point, a global area, a symptom or a specific system, while the wave created by this vibratory technique addresses all systems in the body and all cells.

The liberating gesture has nothing to do with the dualistic aspect of contraction to relaxation or the state of relaxation as opposed to that of well-being. I would rather liken it to a liberation of Energy.

Preparing the ground is essential, otherwise failure is guaranteed. First I start to release the rib cage and back muscles by classical Osteopathy or Reboutement techniques or by complementary methods such as Bowen, Moneyron, Dorm, Cyriax etc…. to prepare the ground well as a farmer ploughs his field before planting the seed. Essential condition for Success.

The well released rib cage and back then allow the vibratory impulse to spread well in the body without being hindered by unnecessary muscle contractions.

The liberating gesture and the practice.

If an emotional shock can put the body in a state of inhibition, why not consider the idea that another very light shock (vibration wave) sent to a very specific place to the Solar Plexus, the Diaphragm and the Pericardium at the moment when the body is weakest and does not resist, i. e. between two respiratory movements, between the Inspir and the Expiratory, can give it back the movement necessary to leave this state?

Doesn’t a doctor shock electrically the heart of a patient who has stopped to make him leave or give him a boost of energy? If an electric shock can cause a heart that has stopped beating on an operating table to start again, why can’t a vibration wave sent with a well measured intensity at that moment when the contraction is absent over a perfect wavelength restore movement to a Diaphragm or Pericardium in a state of permanent inhibition or contraction?

Depending on the previous duration and the patient’s state of contraction or oppression, the effect of returning to body opening begins immediately, but may take a few days to complete, as the body opening of the tissues may continue for another 24 to 48 hours.

The elimination of the emotional overflow will remove the blockages and restore the person’s balance and energy circulation by releasing chest compression.

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